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1/ New, Full Application and Membership List - for Clubs wishing to play League Bowls

2/ New, Affiliate Application and Membership List - for Clubs requiring membership for P.L. Insurance cover

3/ New, Player Registration Form - Register Players for League Matches
    (Separate forms for each team please)

4/ New, Updates to Membership List (Add) - for adding members to your list during the season

5/ New, Updates to Membership List (Remove) - for removing members from your list during the season

6/ New, Club Membership Form - suggested form clubs could use to register their members

7/ Fixture List/Licence Blank - for emergency use if an original is lost/damaged

8/ Confirmation Slips - required for all league fixtures
    (A copy must be printed off to post to opponents)

9/ Competition Entry Form (Singles - Pairs - Triples)

10/ Match/Event/Club Comps Licence - Required for all Matches/Events/Club Competitions
    held under the auspices of the E.K.S.M.B.A. Constitution & Rules (except League Fixtures)

11/ Scorecard Template - pdf template file for printing scorecards

12/ Hot Shot Template - Word template file for printing Hot Shot Certificates