Individual Team Results

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ARCA: Lambs Ash: Angels : Archers
Aylesham: Magpies : Starlings : Warblers Barham: Bears
Bekesbourne: Dodgers Boughton: Acorns : Challengers : Courtenays
Broadstairs and St Peter's: Buzzards Canterbury: Bells : Choughs : Tales
Capel: Kiwis Chilham: Herons
Chislet: Labradors Eastling: Cherries
Herne Bay: Hurricanes : Spitfires Hoverspeed: Penguins
Macknade: Monarchs Minster: Abbots : Hinds : Monks
Preston: Pirates Sturry: Seals : Skylarks : Squirrels
Swalecliffe: Seagulls : Swallows Whitstable: Oysters : Pearls
Wingham: Warlords

It should be noted that these links are only updated on a 7 - 10 day basis,
along with the main league tables so some results may not show immediately